A Fresh Start

Today I used my one way ticket to move from my only home to New York City. People may think I'm not afraid of anything since I am always jumping out of airplanes or off of bridges, but the truth is I have a lot of fear. I just enjoy - am addicted - to that feeling when you are standing at the ledge and your mind and body are telling you to turn around, but instead you take the leap. Moving to NYC is the biggest leap I've taken, but it wouldn't be an instant relief like a bungee jump. I moved here without a place to live and a lot of turmoil at my current company so I know the next few weeks or months will be tough. However, I have this crazy exciting new adventure in front of me and that is what I am going to focus on. 

"Travel is not some panaceas. The baggage you have comes with you on the road. There is no place far enough away to escape your problems. But what travel does is give you the space to be someone else and improve your life. It allows you to say "What would the new me do?" and the do it - without worrying that someone you know might notice. It puts you into situations that force you to better yourself. It won't instantly solve your problems - only you can do that - but at least, on the road, you have a clean slate to try." - Nomadic Matt

NYC is my clean slate to try. And here are the things I am hoping to try. 

- find humor in every situation
- embrace change, uncertainty, and the mundane
- be the same person whether I'm talking to my grandfather, my boss, my oldest friend, a hottie at the bar, a stranger I meet while traveling, a homeless person on the corner, and everyone in between
- feel proud of my choices and actions
- love without fear or any expectation of love in return
- lose the burden of the pursuit of material possessions
- do things intentionally and deliberately to add value to those around me and myself
- use discipline in my physical and mental well-being
- make the most of being in one of the greatest cities on Earth!


Link to Nomadic Matt's post: https://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/travel-personal-development/